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At Natural Harmony Cleaning we know more and more people are choosing to live natural lifestyles. For many this means eating unprocessed foods, choosing natural skin care products and opting for organic goods. We believe this natural approach should extend to cleaning your home and have introduced a cleaning system that is totally natural and chemical-free.

We only source the very best of new natural cleaning products and innovative eco friendly equipment. We want our customers to be assured that they are getting the very best for their home.

We use a selection of traditional recipes that have been tried and tested with new and effective formulas. This truly aligns us with the philosophy echoed by Breast Cancer UK and The British Lung Foundation. 

If you’re looking for a local cleaning company with a strong business ethos that cares for you, your home and the environment then allow us to help you keep your home in Natural Harmony!

No Toxic Chemicals
Pure Essential Oils
Allergen Free
All Natural Ingredients
No Single use Plastics
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Goodbye Chemicals.
Hello Harmony

Natural Harmony Cleaning is different to other domestic eco friendly cleaners in York. We clean without using any chemical  products wherever possible. Instead, we use e-cloths, bespoke natural cleansers and our powerful steam cleaner. Together, these clean every room and surface throughout your home, removing over 99% of bacteria and allergens – with absolutely no chemicals 99% of the time.

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Our Mission

Aims to improve the quality of the air you breathe indoors whilst decreasing your risk of asthma and lung disease. Breast Cancer UK has recommended the use of chemical free cleaning. We aim to provide a healthier way of cleaning homes to increase the wellbeing of our clients.

Our Vision

Is to create cleaner homes with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results in a way that complements a healthier lifestyle which paves the way to becoming a well balanced eco friendly environment that is continually becoming important to our clients.

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