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Natural Harmony Domestic Cleaning in York

Green Cleaning Solutions

Going ‘Green’ in the world of domestic cleaning has many definitions in terms of the process and the various cleaning methods used that are environmentally friendly. The dangers of exposure to toxins from cleaning products not under the umbrella of ‘Green Cleaning’ can cause damage not only to our bodies but also the water we drink and the air we breathe and ultimately these chemicals will have an impact on our ecosystem.

Eco friendly cleaning should involve the use if ingredients like Vinegar, Lemons or Baking Soda for surface cleaning throughout the home, as theses are considered to be ‘natural’ eco friendly cleaning solutions.

So when looking for ‘Green’ cleaning products it’s important to look for the following when determining what’s right for you:

  • Biodegradable
  • Zero artificial fragrances
  • Zero phosphates
  • Ingredients organically cultivated
  • Zero chlorine



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